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Revealing, Recognising and Rewarding Positive Role Models

Free Yopey Learning Resources

From this special section of the YOPEY website, teachers and anyone else interested in using YOPEY materials can download all the content we put on our YOPEY Schools CDs and DVDs.

If you want everything we put on a CD for your area you should download all the folders ‘specific’ to your county, region or country plus the ‘common elements for all schools’. You should end up with 12 items numbered 1 to 12.

Or just download the files you want direct to your desktop. For example, if you want the short assembly presentation for Buckinghamshire, click on ‘5_YOPEY presentation for assembly or lesson’, click on ‘Short (assembly) YOPEY presentation’ and download both files in this folder. You may also wish to download the advice documents ‘ToSpeedUpPresentation’ and ‘IfFilmOnSlide3DoesNotRun’.

CD > common elements f... > 9_some of positiv... >

Folders & Files to download:
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