Young People of the Year

Revealing, Recognising and Rewarding Positive Role Models

So what is YOPEY?

Young People of the Year or ´YOPEY´ (pronounced yop-ee) corrects the unfairly negative image of young people today. Our mission is to reveal young unsung heroes, recognise them publicly, and to reward the very best. Our award-winners can then become positive role models (PRMs) and inspire younger generations to make better choices as they grow up

Entries come from all backgrounds and all organisations, from schools and youth organisations to charities and churches. Some enter themselves or are nominated by their families and friends. They reflect the richness of positive activities that young people are involved in today, from projects at home and abroad, through leadership of organisations to caring for others... All these PRMs are now getting more positive publicity thanks to YOPEY!

If you want to enter a YOPEY click on the place nearest where you live, work or study. If you want to nominate a young person for a YOPEY click on the place nearest where they live, work or study. Each YOPEY has its own online entry and nomination form. Or you can email your entry or nomination by CLICKING HERE. Please put the name of the YOPEY you are entering in the subject line. Any questions low-call 01440 821 654

We do all this with the help of benevolent sponsors, from the public and private sectors, who share our belief that young people today get a raw deal. The sponsors receive a lot of positive publicity in return for their support. If you are interested in supporting YOPEY please contact our founder Tony Gearing by CLICKING HERE or low-call 01440 821654

Replacing today's negative image of young people with a positive one?

Yopey needs your help to find young unsung heroes

Everyone has become so focused on the negative they've forgotten there are fantastic young people out there. And often these fantastic young people have, in today's negative climate, become too wary of putting themselves forward. Or they are simply too modest, or too shy, or feel too out of step with their anti-social peers, to nominate themselves

So YOPEYs are open to anyone to make nominations as well as young people to nominate themselves. And this can be done on this website as well as on paper nomination forms, downloadable from this site or available by post.

Revealing, recognising and rewarding

Once we hear about young unsung heroes we go into action with YOPEY's '3 Rs' ­ – reveal, recognise and reward

We reveal fantastic young people doing great things for others. Typically nominations come from youth organisations, charities, the nominee's own family and schools. But the competition is open to the whole community to nominate and the young people, and their friends and colleagues, are allowed to nominate too

We recognise as many of these young people as possible with the help of the

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Winners share prize money

A supporting organisation can be the people who nominated the winner although it can't be their family, friends or colleagues. Generally it is a not-for-profit organisation such as a school, charity or recognised youth organisation that does something for young people and is linked to that particular entry. But that doesn't mean family and friends cannot nominate. They too can nominate on this site or by post. Do so NOW!

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Do you do any of these positive acts?

The kind of positive acts Yopey ‘Reveals, Recognises, Rewards’ include:
• caring for members of your family who maybe ill, disabled or have other problems;
• helping run a youth club or other organization;
• looking after abandoned or neglected animals;
• making communities safer through initiative or behaviour;
• raising money for charity or other good causes;
• showing a spirit in adversity that is an example to others.
• supporting someone through a difficult

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