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Fantastic Finalists in this YOPEY:

Edward Williams - raises £50,000 for charities while setting up company
Zain Awan - fights racism and high bus fares
Molly Hares and Holly Lane - are fundraising heroes
Lauren Wright - goes through remarkable transformation

Sir Harry Smith Community College - get volunteering bug and raise thousands
Fenzone Youth Council - help to close generation gap
Tina Mogg - is a youth work dynamo
Daniel Rushton - got his village a skateboard park
Immanuel Kemp - raises thousands for charities
Sophie Littlechild - helps care for brothers with Fragile X Syndrome
Philip Taylor - set up one club and helps run two more
More Than Right and Wrong - teenage churchgoers help Kenyans
Joshua Shepherd - copes with family problems and Asperger's
Sam Cliffe and Martin Hodson - help to improve care services

£100 for Cancer Research UK

Sir Harry Smith Community College

Pupils from Sir Harry Smith Community College in Whittlesey have completed endless hours of volunteering and have raised thousands for good causes.

They were nominated by Vinspired, the charity that encourages youth volunteering. Their nominator said: “They have really impressed me. They have taken on many fundraising activities and not just the big causes but even those closer to home.

“Seeing so many youngsters do so many amazing things is truly empowering. They need little intervention from me

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£100 for Young People March

Fenzone Youth Council

A group of young people are working to bring the generations together in their community.

Despite their youthful age, you can often find members of Fenzone Youth Council playing bingo, bowls or even at the seaside with the elderly.

Their nominator said: "They formed links with a group of older people from Trinity Church in March. They have done bingo, short mat bowls, tea-and-cake events and trips to the seaside where the youngsters escorted the older people on a day out.

"The great thing is that they

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£100 for Cambridgeshire County Council

Tina Mogg

At just 14, Tina became involved in making sure young people have something positive to do in rural towns and villages.

At 16 she is almost a fixture at SIX clubs across South Cambs and into Essex. She typically devotes around 13 hours a week to helping out at youth clubs and other organizations. She continued to do this while taking her GCSEs this summer.

Her nominator said: “Tina is great with other people and a real asset to youth in the region. She is a good listener, always very calm and builds up a real rapport

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£100 for Christchurch Youth Club

Daniel Rushton

Cheeky Daniel found support for his plan for a village skatepark from an unlikely source – residents fed up with him skateboarding outside their homes!

It worked. Thanks to the 15-year-old’s efforts Christchurch now has a skatepark. And it is keeping local young people out of trouble.

Like many youngsters Daniel is mad about skateboarding – he hopes to become a professional skateboarder one day, and as you can see (point at screen) his tricks are pretty impressive!

“There was very little

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£100 for Cambridge RAG

Immanuel Kemp

A Cambridge University student dedicates his spare time to raising money for various charities.

Twenty-two-year-old Immanuel Kemp, of Trinity College, was nominated for the amazing amount of time he gives – and money he raises – for Cambridge RAG.

Although most of Immanuel's time is taken up with studying chemical engineering, he spends many hours each week helping to run the univeristy’s RAG organization and going out on fundraising ‘raids' .

On raids, students rattle buckets in Cambridge

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£100 for Fragile X Society

Sophie Littlechild

A teenager helps look after her two younger brothers, who suffer from a rare medical condition.

Sophie Littlechild put herself forward for the award - something that YOPEY encourages other young people to do.

Sophie is a friendly teenager who from the age of six has always been on hand to help care for her two younger brothers.
Both 12-year-old Daniel and seven-year-old Harry have Fragile X syndrome.
Fragile X syndrome results in a range of characteristic including physical, intellectual, emotional and

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£100 for Benwick Games Club

Philip Taylor

A teenager set up one club for young people and helps run two more.

Eighteen-year-old Philip Taylor was nominated for YOPEY for giving up his spare time to set up a games club and help run his local Scouts and Beavers.

Philip set up a model war-gaming club in the Benwick Village Hall two years ago. It gives somewhere for local youngsters to go and learn how to play fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Philip said: “It is better than hanging around on the streets as it gives the young people something fun

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£100 for Nehemiah Construction Ministries

More Than Right and Wrong

A group of Peterborough teenagers are raising money to help bring water to a poor village in Africa.

The young people have learned the value of water the hard way by fetching and carrying the precious resource for themselves and even going without washing for a few days.

Eighteen months of fundraising by the ‘More than Right and Wrong’ group at Wellspring Community Church in Paynels has raised £35,000. This money is going towards an £80,000 target to provide a dry village in Kenya

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£100 for National Autistic Society

Joshua Shepherd

Joshua Shepherd has Asperger’s syndrome – an autistic condition where people experience difficulties with communication and social skills. But this isn’t the only thing Joshua has had to contend with.

Ten years ago he and his family moved to America where his father started a business. For a few years the family enjoyed a very comfortable life.

Then in 2006, Joshua’s parents told him and his twin brother Sebastian that they would have to move back to England because the business had failed and

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£100 for Cambridgeshire County Council

Sam Cliffe and Martin Hodson

Young couple Sam and Martin are determined to give their baby daughter a better start in life than they had.

Sam grew up in care from the age of 12. Martin was a toddler when he was taken into care.

Now in their late teens, Sam Cliffe and Martin Hodson have left care and are living together bringing up six-month-old Lexi. (If appropriate say) They’re the young people on the stage with the biggest bags under their eyes (smile).

But, despite all the responsibilities of bringing up a baby,

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