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Online entry and nomination form for 'Everywhere else'

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Even though YOPEY has not yet arrived in your town, we love to hear about young people who give to others.

Hence you can fill out this online form for 'Everywhere else'. We will put these entries and nominations on file and if a YOPEY starts up in your town, we will get in touch and ask if the entry or nominee would like to be one of the first entries.

Entries or nominations should be for young people aged from 10 to 25 in 2007. They should live, work or study in your town or surrounding area. They can enter themselves or be nominated.

A supporting organisation is a not-for-profit body that works with young people, such as a school, charity or youth group. Relatives, friends or work colleagues of the entry can nominate but they cannot be a supporting organisation.

Entries can be for individuals or groups. If entering or nominating a group input details for the group (its name, age range, address for correspondence etc) in the form. Then name individual members as you feel necessary under Why this Entry should win a YOPEY. There is no need to name every member in large groups but for twos or threes it is preferable.

'Everywhere else' entries or nominees may be given a 'wild card' entry into another YOPEY!

The earlier you enter or nominate the more likely your entry and supporting organisation are to receive positive publicity. Entries should be willing to cooperate with publicity.

Some YOPEYs share prizes and award ceremonies.

If a winning entry fails to take part fully in YOPEY, the organiser reserves the right to put their prize money back in the prize pot to be awarded elsewhere.

The organiser´s decision in all matters is final.


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