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YOPEY Befriender is not a competition so young people cannot be nominated for YOPEY Befriender. However any YOPEY Befriender, who does particularly good volunteering in a care home, can be entered for a regular YOPEY contest using this form. Their nomination will be carried forward to the next YOPEY in their area.

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Terms and Conditions

NAME Young People of the Year in NAMECOUNTY is open to young people aged from 10 to 25 in the year in which it takes place. They should live, work or study in NAMECOUNTY (1). They can be nominated by anyone who knows them or even nominate themselves for this prestigious competition.

The overall winner will receive £800 – £400 for themselves and £400 for a good cause of their choice. The second place winner winner will receive £400 - £200 for themselves and £200 for their good cause. The third place winner and the Junior Winner will each receive £200 – £100 for themselves and £100 for their good causes.

You can fill out the online nomination form above or CLICK HERE to download a form to your desktop. This can be completed on your computer – the fill-in fields are 'live' – SAVED and emailed to YOPEY. Or you can print a paper copy, fill in by pen and post to YOPEY at Woodfarm Cottage, Bury Road, Stradishall, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8YN.

Please suggest a good cause to receive half the entrant's prize should they win. A good cause is a not-for-profit body that works with young people, such as a school, charity or youth group and should be related to the entry's 'giving to others'. For example, a Scout leader nominating a Scout may choose their Scout troop as the good cause. However, the nominee may choose another good cause and the contest organiser reserves the right to choose a more appropriate good cause.

Entries can be for individuals or groups. If entering or nominating a group input details for the group (its name, age range, address for correspondence etc) in the form. Then name individual members as you feel necessary under Why this Entry should win a YOPEY? There is no need to name every member in large groups but for twos or threes it is preferable.

If your entry is not acknowledged within two weeks, please call 0845 838 2640. The NAMECOUNTY YOPEY closes to entries on INSERTDATE and an Awards Ceremony will be held LOCALLY SOON AFTER. Even if this deadline has passed, please still nominate. Your entry may be given a 'wild card' entry into another YOPEY or carried over to the following year's contest!

The earlier you enter or nominate the more likely your entry and good cause are to receive positive publicity.

CERTIFICATES FOR ALL ENTRIES! All entries, verified to the satisfaction of the organiser and providing an email address, will receive a certificate by email for taking part, whether or not they go any further in the contest.

Entries must be willing to cooperate with publicity as this is how we improve the image of young people!

Some YOPEYs share prizes and award ceremonies.

If a winning entry fails to take part fully in YOPEY, the organiser reserves the right to put their prize money back in the prize pot to be awarded elsewhere.

If a YOPEY prize cheque is not presented within the normal time limit allowed by banks, it will not be replaced. The prize money will go back into the prize pot to be awarded elsewhere.

If a cash prize-winner wishes to change the name/s on their cheque/s, they must return the cheque/s with a letter of explanation to Woodfarm Cottage, Bury Road, Stradishall, Newmarket CB8 8YN, and enclose a stamp-addressed envelope within three months of the date of the awards ceremony. It will be the decision of the organiser whether or not the cheque is reissued in the name of the new good cause.

If a prize cheque is lost, it is the organiser's decision whether or not it is replace. Any reissued cheque will have minimum £50 deducted to cover bank charges and our administration, and the recipient must notify the organiser within three months of the date of the awards ceremony.

If a non-cash YOPEY prize is awarded this must be claimed within six months. Non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for money.

All nominees that YOPEY interviews are asked to provide photographs of themselves, engaged in 'giving to others' if possible. It is preferable to provide these as digital jpegs rather than printed photographs as YOPEY cannot guarantee to return originals. Photographs provided by entries and their supporters maybe used in any publicity and become the property of YOPEY.

Once a YOPEY competition is over, we do not go back and change the subsite dedicated to that YOPEY. It is YOPEY's intention that the stories and photographs will remain online for the foreseeable future. If at some point in the future a former participant wishes for a YOPEY story about them to be removed, we will charge a non-returnable admin fee for calculating the full cost recovery of their entry such as researching and writing the story, taking the photos and any prize money they may have received. If they then pay this full cost recovery fee we will have the material about them removed.

YOPEY seeks to achieve a fairer image for young people through the medium of publicity. 

The organiser's decision in all matters is final.

(1) But they do not have to live and study in NAMECOUNTY. If they cross a county border to go to school, they can still qualify as an entrant to this YOPEY.

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